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                                                                                       MENU OF SERVICES


Shampoo & Style - $ 35 and up
Cut & style woman - $55 & up
Cut & design man - $35 and up
      I start all of my cuts with a luxurious shampoo and conditioning treatment. Every haircut is not finished until a blow dry design is completed. Then, finishing touches are applied for the perfect haircut.
Base Color - $65 and up
     A base color will be added to bump up or cover any gray or washed out color.
Base Color plus Ends - $85 and up
     This service is an extension for the base color on the roots, the faded ends of you hair will be refreshed as well as roots.
Bleach & Tone - $ 100 and up
Partial Foil Hi-Lights - $85 and up
     Brighten up or add some richness with this foiling technique. This will cover your hairline up to the crown. This adds dimension to any hair design.    
Full Foil Hi-Lights - $115 and up
     Brighten up or add some richness with this all over foiling technique . Great technique if you are looking to go really blonde or looking to going deeper gradually. This adds dimension to any hair design.
Multiple Colored Foil - $25 per color
Toner for Hi-lighted Hair - $25
     Rich up washed out color. A toner is added at the sink to give all over shine and desired tone.
Corrective Color - $100/hr
     I pride myself that you leave with the beautiful haircolor. If you have had haircolor trauma, I can help. Corrective color can take many steps and may require more than one appointment. A full consultation on what can be done to achieve your desired look will be done before proceeding with the service. Cut not included.
Deep Conditioning Treatment - $35
     This treatment will give your hair life again. If your hair has had chemical abuse in the past or dry from the elements of weather or thermal damage, you NEED this!
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Speciality Hair Services:
Great Length Hair Extensions - by consultation only


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